Cut & Dry Series Fly Box Complete Set of 3

Get the Small, Medium, and Large boxes ALL IN ONE SET!
Your flies will stay DRY with the WATERPROOF seal
Fly Capacity: Small - 101, Medium - 178, Large - 276
Box Sizes: Small - 6"x4"x1/4", Medium - 7.5"x4"x1/2", Large - 10"x6"x1/2"
Strong positive latch that won't open accidentally
Makes an excellent Gift for any angler.


This is the complete set of Cut & Dry Series Fly Fishing Fly Boxes from K&E Outfitters!  The Slim Design allows these fly boxes to slip easily in and out of just about any bag, pack, vest, or box. This set of Cut & Dry Series of fly boxes offers all three sizes: Small, Medium, AND Large to hold any assortment of flies from large streamers to small nymph flies and dry flies. The triangle slit foam makes placing and removing flies easy. The clear window over the entire front of the fly box makes for easy fly identification and selection.

This set will allow you to acquire a ton of fly storage in just one purchase! In traditional K&E fashion, this set comes in classy box and makes a GREAT Fly Fishing GIFT that any angler would love to have. **FLIES NOT INCLUDED

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