Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Combos

Our complete fly fishing rod and reel combinations were put together with two specific purposes in mind.  

First, they needed to fish well.  We field tested these rods ourselves and continue to use them on a regular basis on our outings.  Frankly, these rod and reel combos perform at a level that you would expect from a much more expensive set.  The performance is exceptional.  

Second, we worked hard to keep the cost down.  Our packaging is simple, our marketing is grassroots, and don't spend money on silly gimmicks.  As a result, we can pass that savings on to you, our customer.

Fly Fishing Tapered Leader Size Chart
 2X 10.0 lb
3X 8.2 lb
4X 6.4 lb
5X 5.0 lb
6X 3.4 lb