About K&E Outfitters

K&E Outfitters Owner

Our Philosophy

Fly fishing is simply too good for us not to share this thrilling, soul enriching experience with as many people as possible.  Unfortunately the big brands often 'price out' far too many would be anglers.  K&E Outfitters set out to do something about this.

We are seriously dedicated to working with manufacturers to make the sport that we love more available to others.  We purposefully work to make the whole gear buying process simple, especially for those with little or no experience.

Our Gear

First and foremost we make sure each and every piece of fly fishing equipment that we sell is of exceptional quality.  We rigorously test all of our fly fishing rods, reels, line, and accessories before we ever sell our first unit.  But even more importantly, because we are a small company, we are able to keep the cost down and pass that savings on to our customers.

Our Promise

People first, and we mean it!  We treat our customers like fishing friends.  Our goal is to offer the absolute best customer service in the industry and are committed to doing what it takes to make service a big part of what separates K&E from the herd.  Sure, there are other companies out there with affordable gear, but K&E offer the kind of service you expect from the high priced name brands.

We are extremely proud of the fly fishing gear that we offer and even more thrilled when we hear back from satisfied customers.

K&E hope to see YOU on the water soon!

K&E Outfitters Owner


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Fly Fishing Tapered Leader Size Chart
 2X 10.0 lb
3X 8.2 lb
4X 6.4 lb
5X 5.0 lb
6X 3.4 lb