Essential Fly Fishing Tools CDM Complete Set

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COMPLETE SET of Fly Fishing Tools with Pocket Fly Fishing Box

These steel tools are precision made and POWDER COATED for years of reliable use

The Medium Slim Fly Box is great for organizing both wet and dry flies!

This set is packaged in classic K&E Outfitters style and makes a PERFECT FLY FISHING GIFT IDEA!

1 YEAR WARRANTY on any Manufacturing Defects

The K&E Outfitters Essential Tools Series Sets are designed to completely outfit any angler with all of the stream-side tools that they need. The Essential Fly Fishing Tools Series is the perfect way to get set up or replace old tools all in one purchase. These are high quality tools manufactured in the same fashion as precision surgical instruments.

This set includes:

Slim Fly Box - Medium: This is one of our most popular fly boxes. It is light, durable, and perfect for organizing a large number of flies. Holds a total of up to 125 Flies!

Ringed Hemostat: This is a fly fishing ringed hemostat with built in Fly Eye Needle. The jaws have small serrations that help form a secure grip.

Line Nippers: These Fly Fishing Nippers have perfectly aligned cutting edges make clean line cuts that are precise. There is also a Fly Eye Needle built in so that you can clean your fly eyes no matter which tool you are holding at the time.

Tool Retractor: A real plus for use with any tool but especially the Nippers. This reel has 22 inches of pull and a strong vinyl coated metal cord so that it won't rust or break. Double split rings allow it to be placed on any bag, vest, or pack.

Tippet Holder: We have also included our versatile tippet spool holder in this set. It holds up to 6 spools and can be used as a single attachment or suspended on both ends. All of these are powdered coated in flat black that not only looks great but won't reflect light which can possible spook fish.

In classic K&E Outfitters style we have packaged this set in a nice box that makes for a great fly fishing gift for any occasion. Any angler would love to have this set to add to their fly fishing gear!

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