K&E Outfitters Fly Fishing Double Sided, Waterproof Pocket Fly Box

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Just like everything we sell, our fly fishing accessories are hand selected and are essential pieces of equipment that we use ourselves.  
  • Fits perfectly in Rod Case pouches, vest pockets, wader pockets, and shirt pockets
  • Double sided with individual clasps per side allows for DOUBLE THE FLY STORAGE SPACE.
  • Totally Waterproof with rubber seal on both sides keeps flies dry
  • Transparent lid on both sides for easy fly selection
  • Hand packaged in the Classic K&E Outfitters Gift Box
  • Size: 4"X3"

This is our "GO-TO-BOX" for the day. Before every day of fishing we stock this waterproof, double sided, transparent box with the fly fishing flies that we know we will be using, stuff it in our pocket, and off we go. This easy to access fly box allows for quick fly retrieval without digging around in a large fly box or bag and fumbling with gear. Quick fly changes equal more fishing time which result in more fish on! The waterproof seal keeps things dry (and help the box float if you accidentally drop it). The Double sided design makes for twice the fly storage space and makes this pocket sized box function like a much bigger container. The Clear lid lets you select the perfect fly before you open it which limits the chance of dropping and losing those precious little flies! As always, this fly box comes hand packaged in the Classic K&E Outfitters gift box and would make a really nice and unique gift for any occasion.

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