River Grip Fly Fishing Landing Net with Magnetic Release

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Once again we have placed fishing function first with the River Grip landing net by combining it with our Magnetic Quick Release System!
  • The River Grip Landing Net AND Magnetic Quick Release System ALL IN ONE!
  • Smooth ergonomic grip provides exceptional security and comfort when handling fish.
  • Knotless, Rubber net material is designed to hold your catch securely yet safely with minimal injury to the fish.
  • Our Magnetic Quick Release System ensures a strong bond that holds tight until you need it.
  • We use this net to land everything from 6 inch Brookies to 5 lb. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. You won't be disappointed

Exclusively from K&E OUTFITTERS!

The "River Grip" Landing Net AND Magnetic Quick Release System includes not only a really nice landing net but also the extremely popular quick release magnet made specifically for this landing net.

THE LANDING NET: Made from bent and laminated hardwoods, this net is specially designed with both the angler AND the fish in mind. The ergonomic handle fits nicely in the palm of the hand and doesn't feel like you are holding a square 2X2 (like so many other nets). The contoured and asymmetric handle also helps to minimize slipping when wet. The last thing you want in the middle of landing a nice fish is to loose your grip on the net. The rubberized net material holds it's shape to securely cradle the fish but is soft and supple enough to minimize fish injury and store easily. It won't entrap hooks like mesh or fabric nets will do. There is a elastic strap attached that can be used a tether cord around your wrist or wading belt but can easily be removed if desired.

MAGNETIC RELEASE SYSTEM: This is not a wimpy magnet that will come undone the first time you bump a tree branch. Its sturdy and strong but still releases easily when the time comes. It can be mounted on the handle or on the tip of the net depending on preference. We use this system ourselves and love the "quick draw" of the release system, how gentle it is on the fish and the ergonomic handle!

The River Grip Landing Net comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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