Shadow Series Fly Rods

Whether you are chasing bonefish on the flats, steelhead on swift rivers, or big bass on your local lake, as anglers we all know that feeling when a large dark body moves toward your fly.  We live for those moments when we spot the shadow of a predator.  We need a fly rod that can deliver long, accurate casts and that can stand up to the punishment that a strong fish will certainly dole out.  

The Shadow Series Fly Rods were designed to deliver this performance and reliability in the hands of our customers.  The all black color is captivating and is reminiscent of the very shadows that we chase.

These rods are a true pleasure to cast.  Supple enough to cast Long loops with big flies but with a solid backbone to help manage big fish up close. The 8 weight is equipped with a fighting butt and full well cork and the 6 weight has a half well cork for just a touch more finesse.  

It comes with a durable triangle rod tube AND an extra rod tip for those unfortunate accidents.


Rod Blank:             The Shadow Series Rods look tactical.

                               Matte black finish. 

                               Gloss Black colored thread wraps.       

Real Seat:               Black and Caramel swirl burl wood real seat

                               Aluminum CNC cut black powder coated real clamps.

Rod Tube:               Durable grey triangle rod tube with embroidered rod info.

This combination creates a stealthy look reminiscent of the prey it was designed to handle.  


Length:                     9 foot

Weight:                     6 weight (112g), 8 weight (124g)

Action:                      medium-fast

Rod Blank:               100% IM10/36T Graphite carbon fiber. 

                                 Fitted with Tip-over-butt ferrules and alignment dots.

Handle:                     AAA grade cork half-well grip (6wt) or full-well grip (8wt)

Reel Seat:                 All aluminum CNC cut, powder coated black reel clamps.

Line Guides:             Ceramic insert ring guides.   

                                 Hardened chrome snake guides and tip ring.


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