5 Gifts that any Fly Fisherman will Love!

November 29, 2018

5 Gifts that any Fly Fisherman will Love!

If you have a Fly Fisherman or Fisherwoman on your gift giving list and you don't fly fish yourself, it can be hard to know what to get them.  Finding the perfect gift can be daunting with all of the options available now days.  And if you are thoughtful gift giver, you will want something that your fly angler will actually use.  Well, fear not, we have put together a list of fly fishing gift ideas that are sure to please.  

This list was compiled based on a few basic criteria.  

1.  Usefulness:  The following are fly fishing items that every angler will need and use on a regular basis.

2.  Versatility:  Everything on the list will work for all different types of fly fishing and types of fish that an angler may pursue.

3.  Quality:  No cheap gimmicks here.  We only recommend items that are going to last for years to come.

We have also organized the list from least expensive to most expensive to help you meet your budget needs!  

Let's get started.


1.  Fly Fishing pack or fly fishing sling:

Every fly angler needs to carry with them the tools and supplies of the sport.  And, it needs to be organized and easily accessed.  Most of us spend time walking and wading our favorite waters and usually need to carry a lunch and some fluids too.  So consider the size of the pack that you are purchasing carefully.  Cost: $45.00

2. Fly Fishing Landing Net:

This is an essential piece of equipment.  The fly fisherman on your list will lose fewer fish and handle them better with a good landing let at their side.  Even if they have a net already, having a back up or being able to stash one in their car or RV is really nice and would make them happy.  Cost: $40

3.  Fly Fishing Fly Box:

This is probably the absolute sure thing when it comes to gift giving for a fly fishing angler.  You can never have too many fly boxes and most fly fishers will collect new flies every year and as a result need a place to put them.  Boxes tend to wear out or break as well, so supplying that special person with an assortment of fly boxes is always a good idea.  Cost: $30

4.  Fly Fishing tools:

Fly Fishing tools are another simple, but must have piece of fly fishing equipment.  Many anglers spend most of their money on the big stuff like rods and reels and often don't have a good set of tools.  This is where the gift giver can really be helpful.  There are lots of tools out there and if you don't fly fish, then you probably don't know what is really needed.  That is why we put together the "Essential Tools Collection".  Every single thing in the set is something that any fly angler will find very useful.  Cost: $25

5.  Tapered Leader:

Just like fly fishing flies, the leader is something that has to be replaced frequently.  By stocking up a fly angler with our tapered leader you are saving them the trouble of running out on their next fly fishing outing.  There are lots of sizes out there, so if you are not sure what size to get, we recommend any or all of the following:

4X - 7.5 ft

4X - 9 ft

5X - 7.5 ft

5X - 9 ft

These will work great for trout, bass, panfish, and just about any other species in most American rivers and lakes.  These make wonderful fly fishing stocking stuffers!  Cost: $10

Bonus Fly Fishing Gift Idea: 

If you are looking for something less "equipment" oriented then consider buying a fly fishing hat or maybe a few fly fishing stickers.  These are both affordable and fun gifts for fly fisherman and and fisherwomen. Cost: $3-30

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